Friday, April 1, 2011


2 April  2am

cool man...
just a single and simple word or essay can lead a big and huge imagination to the fellow
really admire to him that have such powerful mind of thinking

a place for me to write and release my feeling and mood
but sometimes it also can easily become a place and polluted people's mind

leading and causing people have some thinking
and treating such thing as real

about this, i got nothing to said if everyone is doing so
just one word " go ahead and congratulation"

i don't know how to advice my good imagination fellow
and also totally lost the direction to giving the advise

but if everyone thought this is the best way to trace some resources
then i just can said

you are going to a wrong place and destination

but really hope that fellow can stop doing such fcuking silly action
to care a friend and worry about a friend

what im doing rite now
really enjoying with my current life

im far more better than the worried
im free of worried in my life

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