Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a sudden thinking

31 march

Something or memory appeared in my mind
Makes me awake from the feel to sleep
Suddenly think about him
Someone who leaves a lot of memory in my life
Maybe after the incident
I keep finding a lot of method to make myself to forget about it
Numb with it
That’s why I can lives till today after one year
Suddenly I had such feel
Maybe as my friend had told me
“Maybe you are not fully let go or forget about it”
Maybe is it
Or maybe not
I myself can’t get the answer
If everything doesn’t happened
How good is it
Everyone lives happily ever after
Won’t happened the stranger life
But I know
It already become a history in my life
I’d be strong
I‘d lives happily than before
I’d stand up instead of continue falling down
I shouldn’t continue thinking about backward
I really hope to get another relation
But I have not found anyone yet
Or is it I’d let go everything
Then I can get a new one??
Really hope I can recover from that incident
I must always talked to myself
“I can do it”
“Let go n continue my life”

Monday, March 28, 2011

feeling when looking to someone

29 March Tuesday 1238am

A stranger feel when I looking to someone

When we were young
We don’t know each other
When a coincident happened
We met each other in the same classroom
When we were in school
We started get to know each other
When we are friend
We played like crazy

This is how we know each other

When we are close friend
We tried to know each other more
When we understand each other
We started have our relation
When we have the relation
We caring and loving to each other

This is how we gone through our relation life

When we get into the society
We planned to learn more
When we feel that we are grown up
We had different thinking
When the decision is been made
We don’t wish to waste each other time
When we had the conclusion
We let go the relation

This is what happens when we have the different thinking

We are now back to the beginning
And now we are stranger to each other
We saw each other
And we looking each other with different feeling
We walking on the same path
But we silent
We talking to our friend
But we still trying to see each other from far away
We chatting to friend
But another was standing at behind or far apart

This is what will happen when stranger meet each other

Story begins;
I know he will go to have a movie with his friends
And yet I know after the separation
We won’t have any fate or luck to meet each other on the same path
Therefore I just wish to see him from far apart
But on that day
I was hiding behind
Slowing down my speed when I saw he talking to my friend
When show end
He was walking
Pass by in front of me
But the feeling when looking at him
Can’t be like previous
It just a feeling like I’m looking at a stranger
Previously we are together
And now we are stranger
When left the cinema
I can’t see him anymore even his friends
Our fate to meet each other really less
Maybe that is our fate

He not much changed
Still the same
Just the distance of walking between me and him already not the same as previous