Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a sudden thinking

31 march

Something or memory appeared in my mind
Makes me awake from the feel to sleep
Suddenly think about him
Someone who leaves a lot of memory in my life
Maybe after the incident
I keep finding a lot of method to make myself to forget about it
Numb with it
That’s why I can lives till today after one year
Suddenly I had such feel
Maybe as my friend had told me
“Maybe you are not fully let go or forget about it”
Maybe is it
Or maybe not
I myself can’t get the answer
If everything doesn’t happened
How good is it
Everyone lives happily ever after
Won’t happened the stranger life
But I know
It already become a history in my life
I’d be strong
I‘d lives happily than before
I’d stand up instead of continue falling down
I shouldn’t continue thinking about backward
I really hope to get another relation
But I have not found anyone yet
Or is it I’d let go everything
Then I can get a new one??
Really hope I can recover from that incident
I must always talked to myself
“I can do it”
“Let go n continue my life”

1 comment:

  1. just a flash back can cause problem... really speechless to human..congrat to human.. good job to mankind