Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the day

19 April 2011 , 2137pm

There is the day
The day where coming soon to me

I still remembered there is a historical moment in my life during the day
After I'm finished with my phone
I’m walking to the window
Looking around left and right
Curious… there is nothing
So I’m going to opened the door
And I saw a big huge box putting on my brother’s car
I took it and bring back to my room carefully

There was a big sweet teddy doggy sleeping inside the box
A little cute super Mario mushroom accompany the doggy
And also a purple birthday card putting inside the box

All of the detailed I still can remember
Because after some incident
All those thing already become a part of the history in my life

Actually I don’t hope thing that arrange by myself during that day
I really hope there is another big box that I can receive from the same person
But I know it will not happen to me anymore
It just become a historical moment and memory in my life

I really hope everything never happen at all
Thing still remain as previous
Cheer up together
Hang out together
Missing and caring each other

But time is running
Thing is changing
And I myself also have change a lot
I become stronger and tougher than before
I’m growing from the fallen

But sometimes I do have my own feeling
I really hope everything never happen at all
Every year still can get the warm and caring

Can I just make it as my every year birthday wish?
Most of the time
When we make a wish during our birthday time
It really works and comes true in the life
Can I just make it start from this year??
Can I just reverse back the life tape?
To get back the thing that I’ve lost?

I know I’d wake up
But sometimes really hard for me to forget about it
That thing I really thought it can long lasting till the end of my life
But now it stops at the middle
How could I accept it?
But somehow I’ll try to make myself awake from it
There was a great historical memory in my life that given by him
Happy birthday to me in advance

Friday, April 1, 2011


2 April  2am

cool man...
just a single and simple word or essay can lead a big and huge imagination to the fellow
really admire to him that have such powerful mind of thinking

a place for me to write and release my feeling and mood
but sometimes it also can easily become a place and polluted people's mind

leading and causing people have some thinking
and treating such thing as real

about this, i got nothing to said if everyone is doing so
just one word " go ahead and congratulation"

i don't know how to advice my good imagination fellow
and also totally lost the direction to giving the advise

but if everyone thought this is the best way to trace some resources
then i just can said

you are going to a wrong place and destination

but really hope that fellow can stop doing such fcuking silly action
to care a friend and worry about a friend

what im doing rite now
really enjoying with my current life

im far more better than the worried
im free of worried in my life