Sunday, January 30, 2011

winter day in malaysia

31 Jan 2010, 1.26am

a cold n freezing day in Malaysia
Sky keeps raining from early morning till now
And never stop at all
Make me feel so cold and hiding myself on my bed
Cold weather is good and enjoyable
I love it together with the rain
Raining is my best friend
I love raining

Don’t know what happen to me
Maybe I’m over utilize my energy since my preparation for exam and vacation
Today I slept a lot
After back from market
I went back to my bed sweet bed
From 9am sleep till 6pm
Totally like the 21st century sleeping beauty
But I’m not beauty
I’m sleeping naughty
But now I still feel sleepy although I sleep a lot for today
More or less it also being influence by the weather
Cold weather and a nice sweet dream

Chinese New Year is coming to town very soon
And just left than one more week to go
But I still haven clean my room
Haven put on my Chinese New Year decoration on it
Wipe my window and change my bed sheet
Everything still not done yet
I’m so lazy
I’m going to start it before Chinese New Year eve

Yesterday went to cinema have a movie with my family
I feel so happy and at the same times family feel is with me
Long time never watch with them
So happy and hope it will get more in future

Cheer ah….
Be hardworking girl and clean my room
Wish myself a happy Chinese New Year and a clean room to sleep
What a funny wish that I’ve made for my own

1 comment:

  1. winter in the first time nearby new year keep not bad is quite cold but at the same time it makes a lots of ppl getting sick...but dont worry you can enjoy the cold weather anytime at

    get charging for your body?its good..but why became sleeping naughty and not sleeping pig..wahaha...but the weather this few days really makes ppl feel lazy...

    after sleeping pig now being lazy you decorate ur room as well besides living room?seldom saw ppl decorating their room for the new trying to get more feel for cny?haiz..every adult start loosing the feel once getting the reality...

    dont worry you will always get it when you organize for it...hahaha...happy chinese new year to you...