Saturday, January 8, 2011

my mood on Saturday

08 Jan 2011, Saturday

almost few weeks i seem like staying in the prison
due to final exam is coming to town
no choice but must face the truth

just now i watched a drama
the speech of the heroin makes me recalled back some incident
last year 2010 Jan 3 was a bad and darkness day of my life
from that incident
it has change my life
i get and learnt a lot knowledge from that day
i should thank to the one who give me such knowledge

but the fact is
sometimes i still not fully left out everything
i still back to the past
referring the past
this is one thing that i don't like myself
but i still a normal and emotional mankind
however, i will ask and pull myself back to the future and current

i believe in one day i can completely step up and ignore the past
but when is the day will comes to me?
I'm wondering and asking as well
the one seem like every enjoy the one's life with the new one
i should wish them
they found their happiness
but in fact
m i really wish them from the true heart or hiding my feeling?
the only person who know the exactly answer just me

i should learn to stop viewing the one's profile and new one's as well
the more i view the more i think and suffering myself
blaming myself reminding myself

sometimes when thing is in front with us
we thought we already appreciating
but in fact how much percent that we are actually putting it?
the amount is still blur
but when thing has gone from our hand
then only we know how much percent we has contribute during the appreciation

i did a big mistake before
and a didn't put enough percentage of appreciation cause i lost everything
but i didn't blame myself or anyone

just reminding myself to work more harder in future


  1. haha...pity to you but that is the student life...hope you get out from it soon..cheers ya..watching drama act a quite good way to recover our memory and rememory a lots of history and past no matter happy or sad.act as human we cant left out everything in our matter what method you use or even how many years...when something related coming to you like when watching drama,you will recover no need to blame yourself..its very normal as a mankind..

    no need to purposely pull out yourself from it..this will just make you feel suffer..act as you said you feel to thanks to the person..i think you are more to wish them and not hiding your feeling...act when you view the person's profile doesn't mean that you still cant let go it..maybe you just wish to know or concern about that person as your friend cause when something happen or while watching drama brings you to your memory with is a very stupid or silly to blame yourself..if you really keep thinking of it you are very silly as the person didnt appreciate you,why should you care about it.but i know express is easy but is hard to actualise it...remember are not are human..refering to the past is good but we need to differenciate it...we back to the past is to learn our wrong and change where we drop before and is not blamming..just to appreaciate what we have before...cheerss notty...

    we thought we did appreaciate every thing cause we are in it(the chain) and cant saw cleary but what we can do is just to "sam si" or can said think carefully before any decision...we always learn from mistake..its very normal...thats why always remember that not blaming but just reminding to do better and try our best so not to regret on future..

    but anyway as i saw you are not bad in controlling,handling and learning are recovering in very good situation and you have to believe that you always can..just because you did always lack of confidence with yourself...remember are not bad but very good and not your fault but just the person didnt know how to appreaciate you...i believe he will regret in one days....hope you lives happily ever after....

  2. first of all , i'd like to thanks to my loyal fans who always leave a comment over here

    blaming and recalling... is beyond our control,after felt down, the only thing we can do is stand up and continue walking.keep forward looking instead of backward looking. no matter how hard we still need to learn to do it.let's cheer together for our future. think before making a decision and appreciate everything we have right now.don't wait till it lost then only we know the word of "appreciate"

  3. yaya..correct appreciate is very important but sometimes you have to define is it worth for you to appreciate...but cheering up is a must of coz...lets looks foward to the future.....