Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starbucks week

24 Dec 2010, 12.23am

Wow! Just finished enjoy my Starbucks drink
Chocolate cream chip but without cream is my favourite
That’s the only drink I’ll consume in the cafe
However there also another drink for me that is Americano coffee
It useful for me when I feel so sleepy

Recently I’m addicted with the Starbucks chocolate cream chip.
But I must learn to control my thirst and care about my wallet
A very nice and comfortable environment for everyone to relax
I do having my revision over there when I’m waiting my time to pass
But recently I’m not going
The expenses over there already exceed my limit
And I must learn to control myself

Chocolate cream chip is a drug to me
It become a part of my life
Oops I feel like I’m promoting the cafe as well as the product selling over there

In one week, twice chocolate cream chip
Enjoy and tasting the drink … so yummy
On Tuesday, suddenly my mood is there and I asked my friend and go for a drink
We enjoy drinking in the car
But her drink makes her feel sleepy
I quite curious about that how the cappuccinos can make her feel sleepy
And yet most of the people told me that cappuccino is not consider as coffee
But to me, I’m enjoy with my favourite beverage

Today I’m drinking the same chocolate cream chip without cream again
Four of us, four different taste of drink we consume
Chocolate cream chip without cream, mocha blended with cream, Americano coffee, hazel hot chocolate.

That’s our drink of the day
The lucky drink that we have pick
One of my friends not feels well and yet I still purchase the Americano coffee to him
Really not caring enough to my friend
Two guys two gals
Two cold drinks two hot drinks
End up happy ending with our drink as well as shopping
Happy with my today outing with my friend and my favourite chocolate cream chip without cream
Hope to have another coffee outing soon

merry Christmas eve to my friend and my drink as well

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  1. once again i thx to you on behalf of starbucks for supporting and helping in promoting in your blog.unfortunately there is no rewards for you...hahahaha..when did you learn to consume and love the Americano coffee..thought you just like the chocholate cream worry,your wallet will "leong gai" ok although you not caring enough to your friend because i believe that he is still alive...sure you will get the coffee outting as you wish..