Saturday, December 25, 2010

my darkness day of Christmas

26 Dec 2010, 1.48am

Today was a darkness day to me
My frame less spectacle has broken
That was my first frame less spectacle
More or less I love it so much
But today is it last day of servicing my eyes
Just rest in peace to my spectacle

Today after working hour
Me and my friends when to having a steamboat dinner
Then we depart to the Tropicana City Mall shopping complex
Before my friend's movie showing time begin
Me and she walked into the Nichii boutique and have a look
As usual when I saw this boutique
My leg will automatically walked in and have a look
And sometimes may bought some cloth over there

Just now when I’m changing back my cloth in the fitting room
I had done a mistake
I’m so lazy to take off my spectacle
Because of this attitude
Cause I broke my spectacle
It breaks into two pieces
And the bad news is I may not know whether it can be repair or not
What a bad luck and darkness day to me

On the other hand
My friend spend me a cup of my Starbucks favourite drink
That is chocolate cream chip without cream
At first I wish to pay back to him but he said treat it as a Christmas gift to me
So I just said a “thanks” to him

Besides that I can also claim and earn two extra stamps from my drink
The collection of twelve stamps can be exchange a book of 2011 planner diary book
This is my first time doing such crazy collection stuff to get something special and free
Right now I still owing about six more stamps to reach my target
I would like to take the opportunity to thanks to my friend’s help for the stamp

This is my current Starbucks cup that I have in my collection
I just don’t wish to throw it away after drink
I think in future my room will be full of the empty cup
but i have throw some of it

However I still miss my frame less spectacle
I will try my best to take care of my future new spectacle
Rest in peace, spectacle
You have done a great job in servicing my eyes

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  1. Very sad to read about that..although it brokes but its memory is still with cheer up and dont be least when it broke that day,you get something a crazy collection you have but is very cheers up,appreciate and treat everything you have now with the best you can so you wont be regret...